Friday, September 2, 2011

HOW TO - Scarf Turban

Following my  HAIR TREND - Hair Turban post, I received a few requests for a demonstration on how I used my 90cm silk carre scarf and turn it into a scarf turban.  Well, just like anything else I do, it's mostly experimenting and a lot of "try-and-see-what-happens".

Here's how I did it:

  • First, lay a square scarf flat backwards and tie two opposite ends into a small knot
  • Then, fold the other two ends close to the knot
  • Pass both ends under the knot (without importance of which end goes on top/bottom)
  • Pull on the two ends but not too tight
  • Turn it around and you should get a pleated bow looking knot that has a bit of volume
  • Place the bow on top side of your head
  • Wrap the two loose ends around and secure by knotting it close to the bow
  • Hide the small knot under the bow, and voilà!

I initially had my hair in a low bun, but it seems to work as well with my hair down (it just looks more like a headband than a turban this way).  If you are using a smaller square scarf, you might need to secure the knot under your hair close to the neck.  I wouldn't suggest with a bigger square as there might just be too much material.  

With the same folding method, you can also tie it around your neck, waist, wherever you feel like.  The idea is to have fun and play around with your scarf to create a look that best suit your style!

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