Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HAIR TREND - Hair Turban

Are scarf turbans still "in"?  I was just wondering if it's strictly a thing of a few seasons ago or is it still a fashionable hairstyle?  I recall first seeing it on the runway of Prada Spring 2007, then on Carrie in Sex & the City 2, then on every trendsetting celebrity and blogger...am I really the last one to sport this style?

Ah...who cares?  I'm probably the first one to wear a scarf turban in Brossard (not that I consider this suburb of Montreal anywhere close to a fashion capital)!!!

Scarf - Hermes; Sunglasses - Marni; Tank - H&M


  1. It will be cool if I get to bump into you in Brossard! Used to live there when I was still in CEGEP & McGill =)

  2. ceci, where do you live now? maybe you can still bump into me!!!

  3. I'm far away from the Fashion Capital at the moment....but next to the amazing natural wonder - Bay of Fundy in NS. My in-laws are still in Brossard, thus we will visit at least once a year. Loving Montreal! That's the best city I've ever lived despite the political part a decade ago =)