Tuesday, August 2, 2011

12mm Lashes (part 2)

Following my Obsession du jour - 12mm lashes post recently, I found myself with substantially longer and thicker lashes with just 2 months of daily use of Lumigan!!!

I first started using Lumigan every night with a ultra fine eyeliner brush on both my upper and lower lashes, then soon only on my upper lashes since I figured that the solution migrates to the lower lashes while sleeping. To be honest, I was only able to see a noticeable difference toward the end of the second month.  So a word of advice: be persistent and very patient!

Con: Lumigan did tint my lids (which I was aware of prior to using) and left me with smudged eyeliner effect...It sounds nicer than what it really is because it looks more like I haven't slept in days!!!  The other obvious con is the tedious daily application (I tend to forget and skipped a few days here and there).

Pro: Being blessed with relatively long lashes for an Asian, I was really lacking in the volume department.  Now, each lash looks and feels thicker.  And with a light coat of mascara, it seems like I have eyelash extension (except they're actually my own lashes!).

p.s. I am now taking a break, but will keep using it 2-3 times a week for maintenance.


  1. Lumigan requires prescription, so you need a family doctor that's willing to do it for you. Otherwise, Latisse uses same active ingredient but FDA approved for cosmetic use.