Saturday, April 30, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - With or without you

I can smell it in the air; it's finally spring!  Need to clear my closet again and bring out the spring/summer stuff from my storage (aka my mom's basement).  Soon enough, I'll be able to shed those stockings and wear my new platform sandals bare legs.  Very soon...

Cardigan - Club Monaco men's; Ruffle tank - Zara; Yellow tank - Holt Renfrew; Leather shorts - Twenty8Twelve; Sandals - Modern Vintage; Purse - Hermes

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I've come to realize...

...that I'm actually a loner.  I do enjoy the occasional party/dinner/event where I get to meet with people of different backgrounds.  In fact, I always am facinated by others who had experiences completely opposite of mine, mostly because it broadens my horizon.

But as a rule of thumb, I really enjoy my personal time and space.  I don't really crave for company to do anything, whether it's joining the gym or going out to shop.  In most cases, I think I'm much more effecient by myself!

However, lately, I've come to realize all of this is to my disadvantage: I don't have a lot of contacts and the few I do have, I don't make the effort to maintain them (literally, I sometimes don't even bother transfering them into my new phone)...I really should start being more resourceful!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Save the Queen!

Today, I was watching a FTV special on the Royal Wedding of Prince Willam and Kate Middleton.  A big section of the show was dedicated to her fashion choices through the years.  Although not exactly my style, I can appreciate the elegance and poise of Kate.

See, if I was a soon-to-be British Royal Princess, this is probably was I would wear on a casual cloudy day like today.  Classic trench (London staple), button-up white shirt (elegance), floral swing skirt (princess).  Now, I just need to drop off my son, get some errands done and look for prince charming!

Trench - BCBG; Shirt - Abercrombie and Fitch; Skirt - Beige; Purse - Alexander Wang; Belt - Miu Miu, Shoes - Elie Tahari; Earrings - Chanel

Monday, April 25, 2011

GIRL CRUSH - Freja Beha Erichsen

I'm not sure if its the I-cut-my-own-hair hairstyle, the androgynous-at-its-best look or simply I-dont-give-a-damn attitude, I just can't keep my eyes away from Freja!  The Denmark native model is a standout, mostly thanks to her personal streetstyle and her distinguished awkwardness.  A regular on runways and editorials, she's go-to girl if you want your brand (or anything) to look cool.

Just as many other established models, she already has a few fashion items named after her:  including the Jill Stuart Freja handbag, the Chloe Freja clutch, and the Alexander Wang Freja Lace-Up Stiletto Boot with Zip Detail (my personal favorite).  I've always wondered if you get endless supply of whichever item named after does Jane Birkin gets as many Birkins as she wants?  hum....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - We finally meet



First day taking my long awaiting A Wang Daria bag out, which was ordered on about a month ago.  It wasn't because I didn't want to wear it or anything; Ms Daria was stuck in transit at UPS for over 3 weeks! 

To save on shipping and duty, I had it shipped to a friend in Maryland (which seems like an excellent idea at the time).  However, he wasn't home the day of delivery and for some odd reason, was not able to pick up at the UPS office (didn't see that one coming).  After weeks of being thrown from shipper to receipient and back to finally made its way to mamma (oof!).  At least I was able to show her off today for Easter brunch.

Sweater - Zara; Skirt - Club Monaco; Bag - Alexander Wang; Shoes - Zara; Scarf - Hermes

I want to be...a mermaid


It's funny how much kids inspire us in way we don't foresee.  After spending almost a month with my two god-daughters, who adore Arial in "My Little Mermaid", I have been thinking of what I wanted to be when I was a little girl.  Well, being a mermaid would be much cooler than a poor maid working for my step-mother/sisters or an abandonned princess in a coma living with 7 dwarves.

But I wouldn't be Arial.  I would be Alla Kostromicheva  in Vogue Nippon editorial of May 2010.  Living underwater wearing designer from head to toe (not fish tail) sounds like a dream!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Face it: we all cheat!

Let's just be brutally honnest for a second: we all cheat!  Regardless if it's bleached teeth or honey blond highlights or a nose job, everyone is trying to achieve a better version of themselves.  In this day and age, natural beauty only means "never had invasive procedures" and not "never had makeup on". 

And I'm definitely not the one to judge, afterall, I just got a new set of eyelash extension that I'm trying hard as hell to maintain!  In fact, like most of you, I'm always curious about new ways to a better self.  Not that I'll try everything with a tagline of "youth", "slim" or "renew", but I do like to keep myself knowledgable in that area of expertise.

So what are the top 10 beauty innovations in the past decade (according to Elle Beauty)?

  1. Botox  (are you surprised?  I'm just waiting for the over-the-counter version or the appearance of my first winkle, whichever one comes first)
  2. Latisse - prescription eyelash-growth treatment
  3. Gel manicure - the ones that don't chip after 2 days
  4. Vibrating mascara (I've never tried but was told by my friends that it's not all that great)
  5. Formaldehyde-based hair straightening treatment (I need the hair curling version please!)
  6. Mexoryl XL - sunblock ingredient found in my favorite sunscreen La Roche Posay
  7. Selphyl - "vampire-filler facelift" using your own blood to plump & lift and last up to 2 yrs(interesting...)
  8. Mineral makeup (I'm a huge fan of Bare Minerals and use it every summer)
  9. Peptides - ingredient used in anti-aging cream/serum (note to self: try this first before resorting to botox)
  10. Self-tanning moisturizer (I'm the queen of bronzing products; Jergens' Natural Glow is a must around this time of the year to avoid pasty white legs)
Isn't it a relief to know that even if after years of neglect, we still have hope for natural beauty?

Friday, April 22, 2011


Call PETA if you need to...I can't hide my love for exotic skin!  Croc, ostrich, lizzard, python... keep them coming!  You have to admit that the texture on exotic skins add an extra dimension on even the most boring colours, making them rich, elusive and sexy.

VBH handbags are just all of that. The brand is mostly known for their famous envelope clutches on the red carpet.  However, I'm in love with their Spring 2011's satchel tote, in matte heather grey crocodile nonetheless.  VBH has limited selling points, online or in store, which makes me even more envious of their owner when I spot them on the street!

Based on the price tags of their leather handbags, I'm assuming that my beautiful reptile is set at the low five-digit retail price.  So my question is: Ayden's education fund or a VBH croc tote?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

TCBG (Tres Chic Baby Girl)

Isn't she the most adorable little girl ever?!?  I really don't even remember when or where I found this picture but do remember saving it for future in "refer to this" for outfit inspiration if I ever have a daughter.

Now, don't get all excited...I'm far from ready to go down the whole pregnancy lane...everything is still too fresh in my memory for comfort.  But give another two years or so and I might then be ready to be fat and stretched out again for a little "dragon girl"!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

from Shanghai with love (last week)

Well, this is it.  Saying my goodbyes to Shanghai lala-land!  Back to reality where it's just me and Ayden the whole day at home and finishing my income taxes!  

This past week seems to have passed extremely fast!  Lots of family dinners, lots of last minute shopping and lots of things done for le Boudoir (will update very soon!).  The most exciting event was Ayden's studio photo session.  The boy is a natural!  Many poses and outfits later, he barely broke a sweat while I was completely exhausted just watching!

And for the first time, hubby made it on my blog (I hope he doesn't mind)!  I also took the liberty to post my god-daughters in their mother-daughter outfits with cute...I'm completely jealous!  Can mother-son outfits also be as cute?  I need to try that one day...