Monday, April 18, 2011

Take a walk on the wild side

(Vogue Paris April 2011)

Let me first start off by saying that NO NORMAL HUMAN, let alone mother of a toddler, can walk around in what seems to be Salvation Army clothes and look this sexy.  Gisele is just surreal (did you see her but cheeks on the first picture?!?).

The April 2011 issue of Vogue Paris is the first issue under Emmanuelle Alt's direction.  Although I'm a huge fan of Alt's personal style, I have somewhat of mix feelings about this editorial...maybe it's the fact that I misses Carine Roitfeld; maybe it's the fact that the clothes are not my style; maybe I'm just jealous?

I was really hoping for something more Chic and Provocative...something more Vogue Paris.

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