Saturday, April 23, 2011

Face it: we all cheat!

Let's just be brutally honnest for a second: we all cheat!  Regardless if it's bleached teeth or honey blond highlights or a nose job, everyone is trying to achieve a better version of themselves.  In this day and age, natural beauty only means "never had invasive procedures" and not "never had makeup on". 

And I'm definitely not the one to judge, afterall, I just got a new set of eyelash extension that I'm trying hard as hell to maintain!  In fact, like most of you, I'm always curious about new ways to a better self.  Not that I'll try everything with a tagline of "youth", "slim" or "renew", but I do like to keep myself knowledgable in that area of expertise.

So what are the top 10 beauty innovations in the past decade (according to Elle Beauty)?

  1. Botox  (are you surprised?  I'm just waiting for the over-the-counter version or the appearance of my first winkle, whichever one comes first)
  2. Latisse - prescription eyelash-growth treatment
  3. Gel manicure - the ones that don't chip after 2 days
  4. Vibrating mascara (I've never tried but was told by my friends that it's not all that great)
  5. Formaldehyde-based hair straightening treatment (I need the hair curling version please!)
  6. Mexoryl XL - sunblock ingredient found in my favorite sunscreen La Roche Posay
  7. Selphyl - "vampire-filler facelift" using your own blood to plump & lift and last up to 2 yrs(interesting...)
  8. Mineral makeup (I'm a huge fan of Bare Minerals and use it every summer)
  9. Peptides - ingredient used in anti-aging cream/serum (note to self: try this first before resorting to botox)
  10. Self-tanning moisturizer (I'm the queen of bronzing products; Jergens' Natural Glow is a must around this time of the year to avoid pasty white legs)
Isn't it a relief to know that even if after years of neglect, we still have hope for natural beauty?

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  1. I was a fake blond with fake nails and used to wear make up, well... not anymore. I stopped the hair dye, the make up and the fake nails. I follow a good skincare, eat what I like, and enjoy life to the full. I feel far more comfortable with my self this way and I think I look better too. I may not be a model-like beauty that belongs to the Elle editorial but I'm satisfied with the way I look, and I wouldn't change anything on me. I don't judge the women who choose to drastically change their appearance, I wholeheartedly support their decision, as long as they feel comfortable this way, and most of all as long as they feel happy. Happiness is the key word here, so fake or natural it doesn't really matter.