Monday, April 4, 2011

from Shanghai with love (week 1)

A few snapshots of my first week in Shanghai.  It was somewhat painful due to lack of sleep mostly because Ayden was jetlagged.  Obviously, we still tried to make the most out of our time.

I really wanted to take more pictures but it seems like photography is banned pretty much everywhere we went: boutiques, restaurants and even food stands.  How annoying!  Even more annoying was the fact that some of my old shopping spots have been removed as part of a major city revamp last year before the EXPO...well, all I can say is that food has been amazing, massage is cheap and I have a new set of eyelash extension that makes me very very happy!


  1. I really wanna see the pics, but I think the resizing has made them really, really blurry.

  2. I'll be visiting Shanghai this Saturday. Can you recommend the place you got your eyelash extension from? Thanks!

  3. Hi bicky, my place is at a underground mall on Huaihai road and Yanan road called 57. They will ask you what kind if lashes you want so just tell them the ones at 499 RMB. You'll also get a free touch-up within the week.