Saturday, July 28, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Are You Serious?

Hello there!  Don't you hate it when you shop online, there's always a risk of "hit or miss"?!?  I mean I just cannot understand why among all three pieces from Rick Owens I ordered on Net-a-Porter, this is the only dress that fits, let alone looks good on me!  At least, it's a real "hit" with plunged cow neck and cutaway back (and my fat is not oozing out from the sides!!!).

And I was sooooo confident with the sizes...I mean it's clearly not the first time I try on RO's clothes.  I know they're made small...but those two barely made it pass my head!

Mr Owens, I do love your clothes but hate that your sizing is so inconsistent!  For future reference, can you make all your size IT38 fit me like a glove?

Dress - Rick Owens; Shoes - Loeffler Randall; Tote - Celine; Starfish ring - YSL; Arty ring - YSL

Friday, July 27, 2012


(Numéro #135 August 2012)

Oh yes!  Gorgeous model Anne Vyalitsyna is definitely creating what I would consider a couture fantasie, body fantasie and fashion editorial fantasie!!!  


Here's what I've been carrying around in my Celine Mini (from top left):

Passport, Bliss Body Butter lotion, Ray Ban sunglasses, Carven wallet, Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen, iPhone, Mili extra battery charger, water.

Trust me, it's usually not that neat.  I just didn't go out with my son today (which would otherwise make my bag exactly 5 lbs heavier with diapers, extra set of clothes, toys, snacks, iPad and bottles)!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OBSESSION DU JOUR - Christopher Ross Belts

I've been obsessed over Christopher Ross belts for as long as I can remember.  My illness should be single-handedly credited to Judy Aldridge, fashion blogger from Atlantis Home and expert on all vintage Christopher Ross belts!  You may also know her as the mom of the popular blogger, Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes.

Anyways, look at how massive and shiny those belt buckles are!!!  Most of them are about 8" wide, which can cover almost your whole waistline from front view!  And I love the yellow gold with gemstones eyes on the animals, especially the grasshopper.  Can you image this belt with a flowy silk dress?  Or with distressed jeans and a sharp blazer?

But since these beauties are mostly vintage, they tend to go high (in demand and therefore also in price) when a few pop-up on ebay.

Monday, July 23, 2012


It's been beautiful everyday since we got back to Shanghai last tuesday...mostly sunny with some overcast with temperature in the high 20' really can't ask for much more!  Too bad the whole family has been so jet-lagged that we barely took advantage of the weather.

So today, I decided that I'm going to wear my new Missoni dress!  Otherwise, before you know it, it'll be fall and I'll have to wait yet another year until the next time I get a chance to wear it.  In fact, now that I think about all the dresses I've gotten over the last year and never wore, I'll make it a thing to put on something new (sometimes still with tags on) and wear it casually (even if it means to the grocery store).  Yup, this will be my "mid-year resolution"!

Dress - Missoni; Clutch - Club Monaco; Necklace - Ebay; Starfish ring - YSL; Arty ring - YSL; Clic Clac bracelet - Hermes; Crystal bracelet - Swarovski; Flip Flop - A&F

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SHU UEMURA X Karl Lagerfeld

Karl is collaborating with Shu Uemura for a 17 pieces cosmetic collection, due to launch in november '12.  As a designer/photographer/producer/marketing director/genius, he came out with this adorable character, named Mon Shu girl, as the face of the collection.

Watch this short film...she's so cute!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HAIR TREND - Big Curls

I was asked to model for my friend's salon SACO Mtl during their Kevin Murphy's presentation last week.  Although I've always been obsessed with BIG CURLS (don't we all want what we can't have?!?), according to Master Stylist and Right Hand of Kevin Murphy, Mr Tim McClean mentioned that the modern hair is big and full of volume.  In other words, we should all throw away our straightening iron!

The other two key words he kept repeating are "professionally undone".  Wildness with control.  Let our hair air dry but with the right products.  At their studio, he offers clients workshops where he teaches quick ways to add volume/curls without heat...all while you can put your makeup on!  And most important advice, to keep the curls modern, start between the temple and cheekbone instead of at roots to avoid a recreation of the 80's.

One tool used on me that I thought was the most innovative was the Sewing Kit, which is basically a set of two giant needle and linen thread to match your hair colour.  After curling my hair, he used it to secure a messy up-do (sorry I forgot to take pictures of that) by "sewing" my hair together!  It was painless (no bobby pins digging into my head thank you) and such a seamless look!

Kevin Murphy products available at:

SACO Montreal
2001 University, suite 350, Montreal, QC.
(514) 419-4320

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BEAUTY TREND - Beauty Mark

(Chanel Resort 2013)

Every year, Chanel's presentation are not only an inspiration for fashion trend, but also for beauty trend (we all remember the innovative black nail polish, temporary tattoos and embellished eyebrows).

Will beauty marks be the next thing (CC beauty mark to be precise)?  Personally, I'm really feeling the signature CC Marie-Antoinette look!  Excellent party theme look, don't you think?!?


Some might see it as a sign of form of annoyance but I rather think it a form of flattery (especially if it's someone who is already known for good styling)!  In fact, in many instance, my closest girlfriends and I often end up getting the same (exact same style/same colour) pieces of clothing, accessory and purses without knowing!  Regardless if intentional or not, I always feel it doesn't really matter since no two people wear it the same way.

This time, I'm the copy cat.  I've seen my best friend wear this oversized Missoni-inspired dress so many times since last summer that I decided to get it myself.  Seems like a good piece when I want to look good on my bloated days (which evidently, seems to be everyday since I got back to Montreal thanks to all the lunch/dinner commitments).

Dress - BCBG; Shoes - Christian Louboutin; Medaillon bracelet - Vintage Chanel; Crystal bracelet - Swarovski; Mix Bangles - Street Vendor.

Tres Chic Gymwear

(Marie Claire Italia June 2012)

Although this is not your typical gym outfit, I do like the idea of of sporting designer costume jewelry with sportswear.  Sold out Lanvin Eagle necklace with jersey top?  Yes, please!

And again, here's another case of pop colour ombre hair..,love!