Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VS Backstage

I don't know about you but to me, the angels backstage are far more fun than onstage!!!

Here are some of my favourite girls while getting ready for the show...and if you want to watch the whole thing, don't miss it tonight, November 29th, on CBS at 10/9c.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

SALE - My picks @ Net-A-Porter.com

(Kenneth Jay Lane)


(Meredith Wendell)

(Michael Kors)

(Burberry Prorsum)


I've been eating so much turkey in the past few days that I completely forgot about Thanksgiving sale!!!  Lucky me online shopping is just a clic away!

Net-a-porter.com is having their semi-annual sale and everything is up to 50% off!!!  And here are my picks:

  • KJL Swarovski crystal-embellished 22-karat gold-plated cuff - Reg $325 Now $195 ('cause it's the best bang-for-the-bucks)
  • YSL Gold-plated agate cuff - Reg $1,045 Now $731.50 ('cause it's a cult favourite)
  • Meredith Wendell Bucket leather and canvas shoulder bag - Reg $795 Now $477 ('cause it will brighten any grey winter day)
  • Michael Kors Python shoulder bag - Reg $1,295 Now $647.50 ('cause it's just soooo pretty)
  • Burberry Prorsum Suede and canvas lace-up platform pumps - Reg $850 Now $425 ('cause it's like wearing flats but will actually make you 6 inches taller!!!)
  • Chloe Tucson textured-leather thigh boots - Reg $1,380 Now $966 ('cause all girls need a good pair of flat boots that are actually flattering)

OUTFIT DU JOUR - What are you laughing at?

I was getting ready to go out and listening to Natalia Kill on my iPod.  Had so much fun dancing around in our studio almost lost track of time!!!  Can't be late for my meeting with the contractor; I really need to get my condo repainted before Ayden moves to Shanghai in January!

Oh...almost forgot to say that I found "Shanghai Mommy", a group of expat moms who gathers once in a while and share tips/advice on everything kids related.  Ayden will have so many playdates when he gets here...in fact, some of the kids are already looking forward to see him!!  I can tell that the little guy will be the centre of attention...as usual!

Leather jacket - V. SP; Shearling vest - Jessica Simpson; Skirt - Versace for H&M; T-shirt - Random boutique in HK; Purse - Givenchy; Sandals - Modern Vintage; Necklace - Street Vendor

Saturday, November 26, 2011


In most outfits, the frame is pretty straight forward.  What makes the combination of a few basic pieces interesting is all about the details.

Here's a little sneak peak of the details I'll wearing today.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's in my purse?

I guess I should rather call this post "What's in my clutch?" but oh well...

So here's the breakdown: my Prada wallet, my IPhone, Halls (cannot live or breath without it for the past two weeks), Kiehl's lip balm, MAC Lipgelee in Saplicious, La Prairie hand cream, Keys with lotus flower charm, Goody hair clip and my Prada limited edition Baroque Sunglasses.

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Rich & Preppy

Busy cleaning the house and doing laundry...I need a small distraction from my daily routine.  Let's go to IKEA!  Maybe I can get a few thing and some fresh air!!!

Blazer - Club Monaco; Skirt - Zara; T-shirt - Hubby's; Fur collar - Vintage - Booties (sorry you can't see them) Modern Vintage

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


(La Mer Luxury Essentials)

(La Mer Luxury Essentials Eye Edition)

(La Mer Discovery Collection)

Now, for those of us who started suffering from the cold wind outdoors and the dry heater indoors, let's start taking things in our own hands instead further damaging our skin (it's not as easy to replace as an old t-shirt).

I've been personally using Creme de La Mer on and off (depending on where I live) for the past 10 years.  I first only bought the 2 oz jar cream, which by the way lasts a full year given the fact that I only use during winter months.  Even at such a steep price tag, it was actually very economical for me since I also used it as eye cream.  Really, if you think about it, $260 for a full year of cream/eye cream is not bad at all!

But then discovered that the eye cream and serum is pretty fabulous too!!!  Damn...now, it's really adding up!  In fact, after trying the lotion, I'm now convinced that it's the best thing for my combination skin year-round.

So, maybe instead of buying another pair of shoes for this holidays, I'll buy myself a La Mer set for my 30year old skin...

Monday, November 21, 2011


(Hermes Calvi case)

(YSL Chyc case)

(Chanel CC quilted case)

(PS1 Wallet)

We finally got our business cards ready and I realized one major detail: I HAVE NOT CARD HOLDER!!!  Ok, this does not call for a case of state emergency, but I can't possibly just pull our my cards from the bottom of my purse with possible smudged chocolate and bread crumbs...

So, to resolve this problem, I came out with a set of 4 potentials: the Hermes Calvi card holder (preferably in orange goat skin), the Chanel quilted card case (preferable in taupe patent skin), the YSL Chyc card holder (preferably in blue leather) or the PS1 wallet (preferably in violet leather).

Given the choices and availability, I think my best bet is the PS1 at only $165.  Not bad, right?

ACCESSORY TREND - Statement Earrings

(Marni Spring 2012)

(Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012)

(Missoni Spring 2012)

(Catherine Baba)

Statement earrings were all over the runway for Spring 2012 and we're already seeing them on the industry's regulars.  With the holidays approaching, these bubbles (or hoops, or mesh, or even feathers) can be the "it" piece to brighten up your trusted, but somewhat boring LBD!  Or if you are a maximalist, then feel free to add some chandeliers to your piles of necklaces and bracelet and tiara...

But let's admit one thing, stylist Catherine Baba gets the last word on statement earrings with her theatre-size curtain holder earrings!!!

source: style.com

Sunday, November 20, 2011

SHOE PORN - Prada Spring 2012

(Prada Spring 2012)

My jaw dropped when I saw these beauties...simply no words!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

HOUSE ENVY - Jenna Lyon

This is exactly how I envisioned my house to be: the high ceiling, the chandeliers, the fireplace, the bathtub...everything to the smallest detail like the bowl of lemons in the kitchen.

Well, it's Jenna Lyon's townhouse up for sale at $3.75M USD.  Anyone has that kind of change in their pockets to lend me???

source: Sotheby

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Milanese in Shanghai

Going to a birthday party tonight and cannot wait to wear my new Canari Yellow studded dress by Versace for H&M!  It's getting a little cooler today in Shanghai (so hot and humid in the last few days) so I just threw on a few layers...yup, nothing complicated for me, please!

I also decided that my panther choker would look best on my wrist; what do you think?

Dress - Versace for H&M; Kimono jacket - Zara; Faux fur vest - Zara; Shoes - Christian Louboutin; Belt - Miu Miu; Choker (worn as bracelet) - Versace for H&M; Ring - YSL; Earrings - BCBG; Sunglasses - Prada