Sunday, November 27, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - What are you laughing at?

I was getting ready to go out and listening to Natalia Kill on my iPod.  Had so much fun dancing around in our studio almost lost track of time!!!  Can't be late for my meeting with the contractor; I really need to get my condo repainted before Ayden moves to Shanghai in January!

Oh...almost forgot to say that I found "Shanghai Mommy", a group of expat moms who gathers once in a while and share tips/advice on everything kids related.  Ayden will have so many playdates when he gets fact, some of the kids are already looking forward to see him!!  I can tell that the little guy will be the centre of usual!

Leather jacket - V. SP; Shearling vest - Jessica Simpson; Skirt - Versace for H&M; T-shirt - Random boutique in HK; Purse - Givenchy; Sandals - Modern Vintage; Necklace - Street Vendor


  1. This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I absolutely love this look! Especially the vest! How is the quality?

  2. Welcome Beril of Fun!! The faux shearling yest is ok in terms of quality...can't complaint since I only paid $40 or so for it.