Saturday, April 28, 2012


(Michael Kors)

(Emporio Armani)




Mother's day is only in 2 weeks but it's always nice to have some clue on what to get before the actual weekend (as with any last minute shopping).

As a mother myself (hint hint), a round face rose gold men's watch, preferably with chronograph, would be on top of my wish list!  I love the sporty oversized look in rose gold which softens the look and gives such a beautiful glow.

Here are my picks, which includes every dad's budget (let's face it, baby might be the one gifting it but daddy is the one pulling out his credit card):

  1. Michael Kors Chrono
  2. Emporio Armani Chrono
  3. Cartier Ballon Bleu
  4. Omega DeVille Chrono
  5. Rolex Daytona Chrono


Little things make me happy.  I guess I should be more specific...well, today, we went to Ikea to get a furniture set for Ayden's room.  Just as we finished selecting the bed, mattress and wardrobe and was ready to line-up to pay, we decided to take a look at the "As Is" section to see what kind of bargain we can find.

And there it is!!!  Staring back at me...Ayden's bed, brand new, assembled, without any scratches or glue residue from price tag stickers!  HALF PRICE!!!  That is like music to my ears!

"Quickly!  Go sit on it so nobody else takes it!!!", I screamed to my hubby.  Yup, for future reference, I am very serious when it comes to bargain you might want to get out of my way!

Dress - C Studio; Scarf - H&M; Sandals - House of Harlow; Necklace - Street Vendor; Turquoise cuff - Street Vendor; Clutch - Club Monaco


(Vogue Spain May 2012)

Lily Donaldson's editorial for May '12 issue of Vogue Spain is beyond stunning!  She looks like a mermaid that just got washed onto the shores and waiting for some prince charming to rescue her (in spring 2012 couture nonetheless)!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

BEAUTY FIX - Etude House

So naturally, I wasn't going to leave Korea without any Korean beauty supplies!  In fact, we arrived to the airport 2 hrs prior to departure to do some good old fashion duty free shopping.  And with 5 girls on a mission, we were taking over all the counter space!!!

BB cream (aka Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm) was on top of my list!  I was going to get the Etude House Precious Mineral since they offer all 4 different shades, which is only available in Korea, but was quickly introduced to the Etude House Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Royal by my sales rep.  She said it's the BEST!  

Yes, I do like the natural moisturizing, anti-aging and regenerative components with SPF 45, but was concern with only 2 shades to choose from and therefore being too light for my skin tone.  Turns out, after trying every single shades (and being completely covered with 6 different BB cream on my arms), Etude House Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Royal in #1 Light Beige is the best match.

I also got this Red Ginseng face mask since they had a promotion of buy 1 get 1 free.  Eh...why not?  I can always use more moisturizing anti-aging skin-brightening collagen-plumping mask!

SHOPPING - Blistered

I just got this amazing Rick Owens Pointed Blistered leather jacket in dust colour that I've been obsessed over for the last 2 years!  Yes, I think I waited long enough to know that this is not an impulse purchase.  This is in fact a very well calculated investment piece that I will wear everyday for the next 10 years (or until I cannot fit in it anymore)!

Happy early mother's day to me!!!


Girlfriend trips are the best!  Just got back from 3 day trip to Seoul last night and enjoyed every minute of the 56 hours spent there.  Great shopping, yummy food and cute Korean boys!!!  What else can you ask?!?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Carine Roitfeld x MAC

Carine Roitfeld x MAC?  Parisian chic x Canadian professional makeup giant?  Where can I line up???

MAC announced that the collection would be a “limited edition line of cosmetics with fashionvisionary and muse, Carine Roitfeld, set to launch in fall 2012.  Carine collaborated on all creative aspects of the collection; package design, product names and colour palettes.  It features “20 pieces with a focus on eyes and brows that reflect Carine’s signature look: smoky eye, bold brows and nude lips.”

Even though I definitely don't need another lipgloss, yes please, I'll take the whole collection!

SHOPPING - Tropical Storm

I got this Missoni Orange Label maxi dress a while ago but just received it on wednesday when my mom came to visit me (and help babysit Ayden during our official opening).  Haven't gotten a chance to try it on but I can only image it being gorgeous on once I get a tan...for now, it can stay in my closet.

And just in case I do get a nice tan sometime soon (I doubt it), I'll already have fun jewelry to make the outfit, courtesy from H&M.  It's in fact two necklaces but looks really good together...kinda Tom Binns, don't you think?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

MAIN EVENT - Le Boudoir Party

Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple days but we just wrapped up our two day event at Le Boudoir!  Yup, we finally had the overdue party to celebrate our studio and the launch of SKIIN.  

I must say that it was a brilliant idea to do it over two days as first of all, our studio is too small to accommodate all our close friends at once, and second, it was easier to manage the flow.  We were literally hoping for the best and prepared for the worst, but the party was a hit!

And our label, SKIIN, was also a hit!  We had sample of our spring capsule collection for preview, and the feedback was better than expected.  In fact, many of our clients were so eager to pre-order (although we assured that they would get the first pick as soon as available mid-May) and put a deposit!

Special thanks to my hubby who sponsored the catering, Linda & Eugene for promo goodies, Su & Cherry for overall organization and especially all our friends & their friends who came to support us!  It wouldn't have been much of a celebration without all of you!