Saturday, April 21, 2012

MAIN EVENT - Le Boudoir Party

Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple days but we just wrapped up our two day event at Le Boudoir!  Yup, we finally had the overdue party to celebrate our studio and the launch of SKIIN.  

I must say that it was a brilliant idea to do it over two days as first of all, our studio is too small to accommodate all our close friends at once, and second, it was easier to manage the flow.  We were literally hoping for the best and prepared for the worst, but the party was a hit!

And our label, SKIIN, was also a hit!  We had sample of our spring capsule collection for preview, and the feedback was better than expected.  In fact, many of our clients were so eager to pre-order (although we assured that they would get the first pick as soon as available mid-May) and put a deposit!

Special thanks to my hubby who sponsored the catering, Linda & Eugene for promo goodies, Su & Cherry for overall organization and especially all our friends & their friends who came to support us!  It wouldn't have been much of a celebration without all of you!


  1. what a great room!
    both look amazing!!!

  2. I'm sure you are bringing some Canadian charm into your new boutique! Congrats! If I get to visit Shanghai, I will definitely pop by & say hi!