Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PROJECT ENVY - Gaia Repossi

Since the tender age of twenty, Gaia Repossi has been the artistic director of Repossi Joailliers.  The young designer has captured a younger market with exclusive collection by collaborating with some of fashion's best young talent, including Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra (two of my favourite designers at the moment!).

Yup, I'm jealous.  I'll admit it!  I wish I was the only grand-daughter of the founder of a haute joaillier house and had the opportunity to collaborate on projects with Mr Wang and Mr Altuzarra, both recent recipient of Best New Designer Award.  

Why was my grand-father only a journalist in a communism country?!?  And she has to own the black & white Chanel Boy handbag that I've been is so unfair!  Ok, I'll stop whining now...

1 comment:

  1. she must have had a wonderful life,i'm jealous too!!!everything in the pics are so beautiful!
    but my personal favs are those in the last pic!