Sunday, April 8, 2012

MAIN EVENT - Easter Brunch at the Pen

Sunday brunch has always been a tradition within our group of friends and we have carried it on in Shanghai too!

Today, being Easter, we decided to have brunch at the Peninsula Hotel with three other couples and their kids.  I knew the food was going to be good and that they organized an Easter Egg Hunt, but nobody told me about the kids buffet and playground!!!

I mean look at the Elmo and Cookie Monster sandwiches and endless candy & chocolate bar!  They even had cotton candy, popcorn, pizza, pasta, mini burgers, fresh fruits and much much more for the kids buffet. Honestly, I was ready to eat from there and call it a day if allowed!

Obviously, the regular brunch menu didn't disappoint either.  We couldn't resist ordering a loaf of foie gras to share and two entrees each!

I also took Ayden to their courtyard for the egg hunt, which was basically me fiting with a bunch of 4-10 year olds for one of each coloured eggs in order to win a "Golden Egg" made of chocolate.

Yup, what a day!  Exhausted and overstuffed with croissants and chocolate truffles (which was soooo yummy!!!), we went home to some movies and deliveries for the evening.

Happy Easter!

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