Sunday, July 31, 2011

OBSESSION DU JOUR - Helmut Lang Shearling Jkt

(Helmut Lang Fall 2011)


SHOPPING SPOT - Initial Shanghai


Already a big hit in Hong Kong, Initial may well be the prettiest and spookiest shop in Shanghai.  My first impression was like setting foot into another world.  From the antique sofa to the stuffed figures by Anne Valerie Dupond, the atmosphere is both mysterious and intriguing.  

The collection is as unique as the decor, and most items are limited edition, some of its own private label and other from imported labels. The womenswear is drape-y and androgynous, very European inspired in style and cut.  Initial also offers a range of leather goods, footwear and jewelry.  I was particularly in love with an all leather doctor-bag inspired was so unique yet understated.  Priced approximately at $800 USD, it might be a good investment if I hadn't already own a black hard case Samsonite Black Label with leather straps.

With already 9 stores in Shanghai opened in the past year and more to come, I'm sure it will be as successful as it is already in HK.

Friday, July 29, 2011

OUTFIT De L'AUTRE JOUR - Recycle Reduce Reuse

Some of you might have noticed my lack of posts in the past week (to the exception if this morning's).  Sorry about that, but first was my computer then it was the internet...let's just say that things didn't go very smoothly last week.  But I'm back!  Back to Canada and back to blogging!

Just landed yesterday night and wasn't much in the mood to take pictures today.  However, I do have some taken a few days back, which is why it is the OUTFIT de L'AUTRE JOUR. 

Top - H&M; Jeans - American Eagle; Recycle bag - BCBG; Clogs - I.T; Bracelet - Club Monaco; Earrings - Vintage

GIRL CRUSH - Dree Hemingway

The great grand-daughter of Earnest Hemingway, Dree Hemingway, has both beauty and brain.  But personally, I like her for her sense of style!

Friday, July 22, 2011

SUMMER BEAUTY SAVER - Shu Uemura Under Base

I am a firm believer that skincare and makeup routine needs to be adjusted depending on the weather.  Most of us will have a slighter dryer skin in winter months and a partially oilier skin in summer months.  Different skin conditions will need different products in order to avoid breakouts and skin irritation.  Forcing an very moisturizing foundation when it's hot and humid can easily lead to clogged pores and zits!  Not only it's a waste of product and therefore money, you are also most likely going to spend more money on damage control.

This is further emphasized when you suddenly find yourself in a different continent where the environment as a whole is different (water, air, humidity index).  And just like that, a product that was previously tried and not loved became a life safer!

With humidity reaching in the 90 % and up, makeup tends to melt like ice cream on a hot pavement, I needed a primer to set my makeup with an SPF. I have previously tried the Shu Uemura Under Base back in Canada but found it dries too fast making it very hard to blend evenly.  However, with the heat and humidity in Asia, it seems to offer just the right amount of matteness and ease to blend I was looking for in a primer.  And with an SPF 30, I don't even need to worry about the sunscreen!   

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Double take

Hello from Shanghai!  I just got here a few days ago and surprisingly, it's not as hot and humid as I thought it would be (I guess being indoors under the A/C most of the times helps).  Still a little jetlag but that didn't stop me from going out shopping and eating!!!

So I'm at this really cute boutique called Le Fame in Tian Zi Fang, which was just opened two months ago.  The first floor is filled with bright coloured separates, from accessories to dresses.  On the second floor, an open space lounge area has been created for clients to relax and have fitting session on their private label.  I love the view from their french door window looking onto the street.  

Tian Zi Fang, once a residential neighbourhood now home to art and fashion boutiques.   The selection of  bars, bristros and restaurants is also quite impressive.  But the aspect that attracts so many locals and visitors is the old shanghai alleys that are almost maze-like and the preserved old architecture of the buildings.  

Top - American Apparel; Skirt - Alexander Wang; Clogs - I.T.; Purse - Vintage; Cuff - Hermes; Ring - Dominic Jones; Earrings - Fallon

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Unlike many of my friends, I like to wash my hair only every second or third day to prevent damage from stripping the natural oil that hydrates my long strands and heating tools while styling.  It does however get a little more challenging in a hot humid summer day, especially if my hair becomes frizzy at ends and oily on scalp.

So I started looking for different ways to camouflage the bad-hair-day with a hats, headbands and scarves.  My latest headscarf inspiration is from 's "How to Wear a Summer Headscarf" article's first look.  I've seen this low bun wrap on many celebrities and fashion runways but was never sure how to wear it...until now!

Low Bun Wrap – adds glamour to a simple hairstyle.  Start with hair pulled back into a low ponytail.  Fold square diagonally into a triangle.  Place center of long edge of triangle at hairline.  Bring edges of triangle around to back tightly and tie under ponytail.  Twist ponytail and tied ends of scarf together and wrap around into a tight bun.  Tuck edges of hair and scarf under bun.

Other looks are also worthwhile experimenting but I just find the low bun so glamorous and chic!  I'm sure some tweaking will be require as everyone has different face/head shape.  Will you try it this summer?

Monday, July 18, 2011

HOT JEANS - Mother

(Mother Fall 2011)

In the world of denim, it's just hard to keep up with the newest latest brand from L.A., home of high-end fashion jeans.  When I found out about "Mother", launched in 2010 by Lela Tillem and Tim Kaeding (former execs at 7 for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity), I somehow knew they were gonna be the hottest selling jeans with equally hot fits!

I really love The Drama wide leg jeans (and their best seller) and The Looker Cropped skinny cropped jeans...not sure if it's the model making them look absolutely perfect or I would look as good in them.  Only one way to find out: try all of them on!

source: What's Haute Magazine

Net-a-Porter - Fall Fashion

My favorite online luxury store has their take on fall fashion!  Bold prints, mixed textures and exaggerated proportions seems to be key on trend.  I need to get my 70's Haute Hippie game out this fall!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why does smoking looks so good?

In search of editorials to post on my blog, either for key fashion trends or pure artistic photography, I have come across many images where smoking has never looked so sexy.  I personally don't smoke but will admit that I've tried in my younger years...Let me tell you that I don't look half as sensual with a cigarette in my hand coughing to death at my first puff!!!

Maybe I needed practice?!?  I was however convinced it wasn't for me (I rather spend my money on chocolate!!!).  I guess with the association of smoking with a drink, smoking at parties, smoking after sex, it could suggest sensuality.  But what about smoking while going to the bathroom?  Or smoking in a snow storm?  That's a whole lot less attractive.

And I have noticed that the European press are much more prominent with smoking in their editorials, just as they are with all other provocative imagery, such as nudity.  They like their leading ladies fierce, bad-ass and almost intimidating.  We, Americans, are more "politically correct".  Does that make our media better?  Not sure...but I do like my Vogue Paris!

DISCLAMER: These images are for mere fashion and photography discussion topic and do not suggest a desired behavior.  I do not smoke nor encourage smoking.  Health issues and addiction resulting from smoking are at your own risk.