Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Unlike many of my friends, I like to wash my hair only every second or third day to prevent damage from stripping the natural oil that hydrates my long strands and heating tools while styling.  It does however get a little more challenging in a hot humid summer day, especially if my hair becomes frizzy at ends and oily on scalp.

So I started looking for different ways to camouflage the bad-hair-day with a hats, headbands and scarves.  My latest headscarf inspiration is from TheGloss.com 's "How to Wear a Summer Headscarf" article's first look.  I've seen this low bun wrap on many celebrities and fashion runways but was never sure how to wear it...until now!

Low Bun Wrap – adds glamour to a simple hairstyle.  Start with hair pulled back into a low ponytail.  Fold square diagonally into a triangle.  Place center of long edge of triangle at hairline.  Bring edges of triangle around to back tightly and tie under ponytail.  Twist ponytail and tied ends of scarf together and wrap around into a tight bun.  Tuck edges of hair and scarf under bun.

Other looks are also worthwhile experimenting but I just find the low bun so glamorous and chic!  I'm sure some tweaking will be require as everyone has different face/head shape.  Will you try it this summer?

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