Friday, July 22, 2011

SUMMER BEAUTY SAVER - Shu Uemura Under Base

I am a firm believer that skincare and makeup routine needs to be adjusted depending on the weather.  Most of us will have a slighter dryer skin in winter months and a partially oilier skin in summer months.  Different skin conditions will need different products in order to avoid breakouts and skin irritation.  Forcing an very moisturizing foundation when it's hot and humid can easily lead to clogged pores and zits!  Not only it's a waste of product and therefore money, you are also most likely going to spend more money on damage control.

This is further emphasized when you suddenly find yourself in a different continent where the environment as a whole is different (water, air, humidity index).  And just like that, a product that was previously tried and not loved became a life safer!

With humidity reaching in the 90 % and up, makeup tends to melt like ice cream on a hot pavement, I needed a primer to set my makeup with an SPF. I have previously tried the Shu Uemura Under Base back in Canada but found it dries too fast making it very hard to blend evenly.  However, with the heat and humidity in Asia, it seems to offer just the right amount of matteness and ease to blend I was looking for in a primer.  And with an SPF 30, I don't even need to worry about the sunscreen!   

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