Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why does smoking looks so good?

In search of editorials to post on my blog, either for key fashion trends or pure artistic photography, I have come across many images where smoking has never looked so sexy.  I personally don't smoke but will admit that I've tried in my younger years...Let me tell you that I don't look half as sensual with a cigarette in my hand coughing to death at my first puff!!!

Maybe I needed practice?!?  I was however convinced it wasn't for me (I rather spend my money on chocolate!!!).  I guess with the association of smoking with a drink, smoking at parties, smoking after sex, it could suggest sensuality.  But what about smoking while going to the bathroom?  Or smoking in a snow storm?  That's a whole lot less attractive.

And I have noticed that the European press are much more prominent with smoking in their editorials, just as they are with all other provocative imagery, such as nudity.  They like their leading ladies fierce, bad-ass and almost intimidating.  We, Americans, are more "politically correct".  Does that make our media better?  Not sure...but I do like my Vogue Paris!

DISCLAMER: These images are for mere fashion and photography discussion topic and do not suggest a desired behavior.  I do not smoke nor encourage smoking.  Health issues and addiction resulting from smoking are at your own risk.

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