Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black & Gold (take 1)

It's raining cats and dogs outside...blah...nothing else to do other than play around with my new maxi dress and an old leopard print scarf.  I tried two looks, not sure which one suits me better.  Maybe both; maybe neither!

My first attempt is to create a gypsy look: overload of black & gold jewelry, wrap my scarf on my head and just head to toe black with my maxi.  My only fear is that dress might be a little too clingy, revealing bumps that I might otherwise prefer not to reveal!!!  The only solution I came up with so far is to distract everyone with my Celine tote!  Let's just hope it works!

Dress - Adam; Scarf - Winner's; Tote - Celine; Necklace - Club Monaco; Sample perfume worn as necklace - Hermes; Double head lion cuff - Street vendor - Gold cuff - Kenneth Jay Lane - Crystal bangle - Swarovski; Earrings - Lana; Anklet - BCBG

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