Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aging gracefully...

In this age of vanity, it's hard not to get caught up with the latest trend of fashion and cosmetics in the ever quest to youth.  We are bombarded everyday with marketing that glorifies supermodels and Hollywood stars, which makes beauty standards impossible as they represents less than 2% of population. 

I was just talking to my best friend how it almost feels like if I'm not keeping up with my microdermabrasion facials and crest whitening strips, not only that I'm not moving forward, I'm actually taking a step back compare to everyone else!  And what's my excuse when everything can be found at the nearest Walmart aisle?  

Natural beauty is now only defined as someone with natural looking makeup/hairstyle and had non-invasive cosmetic procedures.  Nobody expect to see a cute girl ungroomed!!!  I mean if nature gave you an unibrow, it doesn't mean you should keep it.

So how does a 30 year old girl stay young and fresh in a world where the average professional model retires at 25?!?  Well, for one, I do embrace modern science and the all its benefits.  But having that said, I've heard and seen too many horror stories about plastic surgery gone bad.  My fear of looking like Heidi Montag (and she's far from being the worst example) outweighs my fear of a few fine lines.

And although I secretly dream of a Victoria Secret model body (who doesn't?), I'm far too lazy to hit the gym and far too food happy to starve myself with diets.  I can therefore only take comfort that in my sense of style.  I vow to look great for my age and achieve natural beauty without invasive procedures!  

And if a Vermillon Sellier Kelly in shiny crocodile can somehow end up in my hands while aging gracefully, it wouldn't be such a tragic ending!

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