Monday, April 9, 2012

MATERNITY CHIC - Isabella Oliver

A old friend of mine recently contacted me and was seeking for fashion advice on maternity wear.  The obviously question was: "When are you due?  Congrats!!!".

Looking back, I remember the fear of the unknown (my first pregnancy), the fear of getting fat and all those hormones was really scary.  And I really didn't want to spend money on new clothes that will only fit me for 6 months (since I planned to get back to shape asap).

Boy I was wrong!  I really shouldn't have cheap out on the only thing that would make me feel better at the time: shopping!  haha!

Here are some of my own tips on maternity shopping:

  1. Buy a few quality pieces - Basics in neutral colours and good quality will allow you to mix & match.  Look for fluid fabrics like heavy jersey that hugs your curves and make you feel sexy.
  2. Avoid buying too big - Forget about buying a pair of maternity jeans that are only good for the 3rd trimester.  You'll most likely only know your size as you grow.  And on top of it, I believe its important to wear pieces that fit every stage of pregnancy...I mean come on!  We're a new generation of moms not can be stylish and comfy.
  3. Pile them on - Don't shy away from accessories.  They're your best friends!!!  Add lots of costume jewelries, printed scarves and boho hats.  The best part: you'll still be wearing them long after you give birth!
My favourite maternity line is Isabella Oliver, a UK based brand that offer excellent quality and style.  If you're preggers, hurry!  They're having their 20% off on dresses to celebrate Mother's Day!  Sale ends sunday, May 13th.

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