Tuesday, November 22, 2011


(La Mer Luxury Essentials)

(La Mer Luxury Essentials Eye Edition)

(La Mer Discovery Collection)

Now, for those of us who started suffering from the cold wind outdoors and the dry heater indoors, let's start taking things in our own hands instead further damaging our skin (it's not as easy to replace as an old t-shirt).

I've been personally using Creme de La Mer on and off (depending on where I live) for the past 10 years.  I first only bought the 2 oz jar cream, which by the way lasts a full year given the fact that I only use during winter months.  Even at such a steep price tag, it was actually very economical for me since I also used it as eye cream.  Really, if you think about it, $260 for a full year of cream/eye cream is not bad at all!

But then discovered that the eye cream and serum is pretty fabulous too!!!  Damn...now, it's really adding up!  In fact, after trying the lotion, I'm now convinced that it's the best thing for my combination skin year-round.

So, maybe instead of buying another pair of shoes for this holidays, I'll buy myself a La Mer set for my 30year old skin...

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  1. You're absolutely right!Lucky you to afford Lamer as skin maintenance. I can't afford it how much I want too but I used a skincare regimen that suits me pretty well. I think it's more nicer to see woman with gorgeous bags and shoes in a great skin condition as well.It's a plus factor:)