Sunday, November 13, 2011

Head over Heels

(Elle Latin America November 2011)

I have always been fascinated by hats and headpieces since my early ages.  I must admit this admiration for a single piece of accessory that can instantly transform the mood and style of an outfit started with my own mother's love for hats.

Last thursday at the Peninsula event, I found myself in love with Chanel's latest collection, including a iconic hat, similar to what Coco herself would wear, in black with black sequins ribbon.  In fact, the shape and style is very similar to the second to last picture (minus the mink headpiece under the hat)!

But I've been long lusting over the Lanvin large flat rim number (1st picture) for a long time and even found a similar version at Zara...which of course will make both my hubby and my wallet happier!'s so tempting to just get both!!!  But then, I also need to consider if I rather spend that budget on my head or on my heels?!?

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  1. Ooo.. I'm a hat lover too! I often wish we were back in the 60s and can wear gloves + hats without people asking us if we're in costume!

    Thanks for your comment.. It was very sweet of you! As for the skirt, it's a couple seasons old now but Theory is constantly re-doing similar styles and here are two:

    As for my shoes, they are made by ASH and although mine are patent leather, these are the same but in plain leather: