Friday, July 6, 2012

HAIR TREND - Pop Coloured Hair

I went to see my stylist, Xavier Lee, for a little cut & treatment (I'll post that later) and my attention went straight to these cute little colour capsules on their display shelf.

"What are those?", I asked curiously.
"They're COLOR BUGs by Kevin Murphy.  It's hair eyeshadow."
"How does that work?!?"
"It's a temporary colour for hair...I'll try one on you later."

How would anything like that stay on my pitch black hair?  Maybe on a the models on high fashion editorials.  I mean, even Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne has permanent dye to get that pop coloured hair.

Well, to my surprise, I love it!  It was subtle yet noticeable...just what I wanted without the commitment of having a fully processed hair dye that would need maintenance every 2 weeks!

I personally got the purple to try but was really tempted to get all of them!

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