Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Some might see it as a sign of form of annoyance but I rather think it a form of flattery (especially if it's someone who is already known for good styling)!  In fact, in many instance, my closest girlfriends and I often end up getting the same (exact same style/same colour) pieces of clothing, accessory and purses without knowing!  Regardless if intentional or not, I always feel it doesn't really matter since no two people wear it the same way.

This time, I'm the copy cat.  I've seen my best friend wear this oversized Missoni-inspired dress so many times since last summer that I decided to get it myself.  Seems like a good piece when I want to look good on my bloated days (which evidently, seems to be everyday since I got back to Montreal thanks to all the lunch/dinner commitments).

Dress - BCBG; Shoes - Christian Louboutin; Medaillon bracelet - Vintage Chanel; Crystal bracelet - Swarovski; Mix Bangles - Street Vendor.


  1. First of all, love the shoes! Second of all, the dress absolutely gorgeous on you!

    <3 Kendyl

  2. You had me fooled...I thought it was Missoni! Looks super great on you.

  3. I thought that dress was missoni too when I first saw it on my friend. When I heard it's only BCBG and now reduced to less than $100 with taxes...It's MINE!!!