Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outfit du jour - Give me a chance and I can be yours forever

Technically, this was my outfit yesterday but didn't get a chance to blog until today.  Went to Jingan Temple with the whole family to pray for health and fortune, a tradition that is set in stone during each of my trips back to Shanghai.

While on Nanjing Rd, we did our window shopping session at SOGO and Plaza 66.  And there it was, in the window display of Chanel boutique, my oversized gold CC brooch that the Canadian Chanel stores never ordered!!  Trying to keep my cool, I marched in and asked to see it.  "How much is this?", I requested.  "2500 RMB" the sales answered.  I did a quick calculation in my head to realize that $360 is really not bad for such a big brooch, not to mention that I won't find it back home.  "I'll take it!"

While waiting for my gift wrapped Chanel, the sales hurried back to apologize and tell me that it's actually 4200 RMB!!!  What the f@*%?!?  I was bummed for the rest of the day...And the fact that my hubby did not share my frustration made me even more upset!

Top - gifted; Leather shorts - Twenty8Twelve; Hat - Hotwind; Boots - Modern Vintage; Scarf - Hermes; Ring - Dominic Jones; Watch - Hermes; Beaded bracelet - gifted; Triple wrap bracelet - Club Monaco