Thursday, April 28, 2011

I've come to realize...

...that I'm actually a loner.  I do enjoy the occasional party/dinner/event where I get to meet with people of different backgrounds.  In fact, I always am facinated by others who had experiences completely opposite of mine, mostly because it broadens my horizon.

But as a rule of thumb, I really enjoy my personal time and space.  I don't really crave for company to do anything, whether it's joining the gym or going out to shop.  In most cases, I think I'm much more effecient by myself!

However, lately, I've come to realize all of this is to my disadvantage: I don't have a lot of contacts and the few I do have, I don't make the effort to maintain them (literally, I sometimes don't even bother transfering them into my new phone)...I really should start being more resourceful!

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