Tuesday, April 19, 2011

from Shanghai with love (last week)

Well, this is it.  Saying my goodbyes to Shanghai lala-land!  Back to reality where it's just me and Ayden the whole day at home and finishing my income taxes!  

This past week seems to have passed extremely fast!  Lots of family dinners, lots of last minute shopping and lots of things done for le Boudoir (will update very soon!).  The most exciting event was Ayden's studio photo session.  The boy is a natural!  Many poses and outfits later, he barely broke a sweat while I was completely exhausted just watching!

And for the first time, hubby made it on my blog (I hope he doesn't mind)!  I also took the liberty to post my god-daughters in their mother-daughter outfits with Taylor...how cute...I'm completely jealous!  Can mother-son outfits also be as cute?  I need to try that one day...


  1. Great travel pics!! Your baby boy is such a cutie!!

  2. such lovely pictures! And Ayden is so cute!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  3. Hi there! Came across your blog from tpf and just spent the last hour (baby's nap time!) reading. I love your style and am so impressed that you manage to keep up even with the little one. My DD is also year of the tiger, and most days she has me in glasses, sweats and t-shirts.

    Thanks for the inspiration though! Also, loved your photos from Shanghai - almost made me miss the city (which is a significant feat, as my in laws live there -ha!)

    Best - cc

  4. Hi CC, so nice to hear your words...motherhood is definitely harder than anything else I faced. I'm in sweats most days of the week too but need to dress up a little when I get the chance for my own sanity.