Friday, April 22, 2011


Call PETA if you need to...I can't hide my love for exotic skin!  Croc, ostrich, lizzard, python... keep them coming!  You have to admit that the texture on exotic skins add an extra dimension on even the most boring colours, making them rich, elusive and sexy.

VBH handbags are just all of that. The brand is mostly known for their famous envelope clutches on the red carpet.  However, I'm in love with their Spring 2011's satchel tote, in matte heather grey crocodile nonetheless.  VBH has limited selling points, online or in store, which makes me even more envious of their owner when I spot them on the street!

Based on the price tags of their leather handbags, I'm assuming that my beautiful reptile is set at the low five-digit retail price.  So my question is: Ayden's education fund or a VBH croc tote?

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  1. Look at those scales!!! Oof, it's tough trying not to think "college scholarships!"