Monday, April 11, 2011

from Shanghai with love (week 2)

Time passes by so fast...only one week left before I need to start packing!  I already miss the delicious food and the over-crowdedness.

Last week have been series of mini wins and equal losses.  I got lots of bargain shopping done (always a win in my book!) but went to two different Chanel boutiques without any success of getting a XL gold CC brooch (big loss!) followed by a confirmation that we will not be taking any side trip to Hainan even bigger loss!).

Ok, I got over the brooch quickly but I was really looking forward to some sun & sand.  But we had no choice but to stay in Shanghai since my mom cannot handle babysitting Ayden more than 24hr at a time and we are not allowed to bring him with us on side annoying when you have so many elder relatives bossing you around!!!

need more massage...