Friday, April 1, 2011

Shopping in Shanghai (part 1)

(Sequin No 5 t-shirt)

(Black drape collar coat & leopard print scarf)

(Blk asymmetric sleeve tunic)

(Blk / wht graphic backless dress)

Surprise to see me???  Me too!  Thanks to hubby, I am able to blog from Shanghai (although it's very very slow) and show you guys what I bought this week.  One thing I love to do regardless where I travel is to eat and shop local.  I mean how else will you learn about the culture and beat of the city?

Here are the 5 pieces I bought from local boutiques in Gubei, Shanghai.  I have to say that shopping here is not as cheap as some other cities in Asia like HK, but I am amazed by the design and quality.

Obviously, I also made a trip to the Children's Market and bought even more clothes for Ayden...but nothing for hubby yet...hey, it's every man (or woman) for himself!


  1. love your style! may i ask for some recommendations on places to shop in shanghai? i'm there a few times a year for business but haven't figured out where the good local shopping is yet. :)

  2. Hi Lynn, there are a lot of small independent boutiques in Gubei. Just go near the Carrefour Gubei and you'll find lots of local designer stores.

  3. Janet LOVE those nude wedges you are wearing in the first 2 pics! Please tell what they are!! I need them in my life!!

  4. They are Camilla Skovgaard; not sure from which season since I borrowed them from my friend