Friday, March 25, 2011

Inside my luggage...

(Everything in my luggage)

(jewelery, watch and blackberry)

(hermes scarves)

(Hermes Garden Party)

(Shirts, vest, jacket and Ray Ban)

Just finished packing for my 3 1/2 weeks trip.  As you can see, its all neutrals and all accessories.

I was hoping to pack much lighter but friends told me that the weather in Shanghai is anything but stable: warm one day, chilly the next.  So I need lots of layering pieces that can easily be worn together.  Not to mention burp, drool and barf-proof outfits.  Well, at least everything fit into a small wheeled luggage and my large Garden Party.

Now...something seems missing...oh and bikinis!  Very very important!!!

ps. sorry I won't be able to post anything during my trip as is not accessible from mainland China.


  1. Have fun! Look forwards to see more beautiful pictures from your trip!

  2. Have fun! You didn't pack that much for 3 1/2 weeks. That means more shopping!


  3. I love your gold spiked bangle pair! May I know where they are from?

    Thanks dear! :)

  4. Hi babe, i frequent your blog after seeing ur H action pics on TPF. Love your style and outfits and of course your blog.

    Just wondering what is the size of your black GP tote? tks

  5. Oh yes forgot to ask, i love your above two H scarves, do you mind sharing the name and size of both?


  6. Hi Celia, my GP is the large size (travel) and the two carres are "Etriers" (blue) and "Projets Carres" (green). Thanks for your kind words!

  7. Thanks so much for your comment Janet....appreciate your time...i always love to check back your blog coz of your choices in outfit, etc...:)))

  8. Sorry Janet, i still have a qns, what is the width of your black GP tote, is it GM size? thanks

  9. Hi, jus wondering what is the measurement of the large GP, is it ard 17" in length? thanks