Friday, March 18, 2011


I don't believe that 5" heels equal to painful shoes.  How many of you have bought flats thinking you can walk all day in them only to find out that even standing for 30mins is a form of torture?  I'll be the first to admit to that!  So let me state that I'm a firm believer in shoe architecture.  With the right design and craftmanship, any shoe should make you looks spectacular and let you dance in them too! 

Now, let's not carry away and think that I'll be doing the Black Swan in them, but you might be surprise to hear that I've worn them to work and didn't have to resort to my emergency shoes!

Sweater - Zara; Skirt - Club Monaco; T-shirt - Club Monaco; Bag - YSL; Shoes - Hermes; Over-the-knee socks - Street vendor

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