Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OBSESSION DU JOUR - Karen Walker sunnies

(Karen Walker 2011)

(Karen Walker Limited Edition 2011)

Don't be fooled by the snow storm here in Montreal!  We are known to have bi-polar weather: winter one day then summer the next.  Transitional seasons, like spring or fall, are usually only 2 weeks long or sometimes non-existant. 

That's why I need to prepare my summer essentials now...starting with a fresh pair of cat-eye sunnies.  I have been lusting over these Karen Walker Limited Edition Sunglasses Number One in Black Vintage for a while now.  Of course they are not available in Canada and of course they are sold out online!  My second choice would be a tie between the blue/green plastic frame (right ones from the 1st image) or the brown tortoise frame (left ones from the 2nd image), both from her spring 2011 collection.

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  1. i want all of them. super hot sunglasses!
    following you!