Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strong Brows

(Song Hye-kyo)

(Song Hye-kyo)

(Anastasia Brows in Bloom)

I'm obssessed with brows, mostly due to the lack of it.  Unfortunately, I share a problem faced by many asians: thin and sparse eyebrows.  I remeber starting to shape and fill my them since highschool in hope of creating perfect brows to frame my face.

Now, 15 years later, I am rather pleased with my skills and technique, but there's always room for improvement right?  In my opinion, Korean actress Song Hye Kyo has the perfect shape, arch and fullness.  I have always prefered a fuller brow as it gives illusion of youth and natural beauty.  How did she get the "good" genes???

So out I go and bought Anastasia's Brows in Bloom, a mini quad palette with two shades of brow powder, a wax cream, a highlighter cream and a small brush.  It's compact and includes everything you want and need.  Two shades were available: brunette (mine) or blond.

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