Sunday, August 21, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Cotton Candy

Another late summer saturday night, another late summer wedding!  This time, since I was told at the rehearsal dinner that the theme colour is purple, I tried very very hard to look for something "purple" in my walk-in closet...I know, this is not remotely a purple dress but has some gotta give points for effort!

Anyways, as soon as I walked in the reception hall, I immediately noticed balloons at the entrance that my son would just love to play with.  Without hesitation, I took home not one, but two sets!!! (obviously with the bride's pemission).  They remind me of giant cotton candy, the ones that they use to sell at outdoor fairs when I was a kid.

Dress - Pucci; Sandals - Loeffler Randall; Watch - Hermes; Enamel bracelet - Hermes; Ring - Dominic Jones; Studded Cuff - Hermes; Aquamarine Ring - David Yurman

1 comment:

  1. You look great in the dress!! And those balloons perfectly complement your outfit! Hope you had fun!

    xo, sam