Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SHOPPING SPOT - Cahier d'Exercices

About two weeks ago while buying my new Alexander Wang coat, I was talking to my sales about how we lack shopping spots here in Montreal.  The city is often referred to the Paris of North America yet we only have a handful of decent shopping spots that we can be proud of (stores with avant-garde & emerging designers, exclusive collections and hip/trendy brands in general).

And just then, she told me about a relatively new store called Cahier d'Exercices (french translation of workbook), located in Old Montreal.  The owner Laura Gurandiano has set her store exclusive by locking in exclusivity with one of the most coveted label, Celine!  Celine RTW, Celine accessories, Celine shoes and of course, Celine handbags!!!  How exciting!

I immediately called my friend who was looking to buy a Luggage Tote to inquire with them (new store + maybe not a lot of people knows about it yet = tiny, if any, waiting list for the Luggage tote!).  Without having her hopes too high, she gave her name for the new Phantom Luggage in Flesh colour.

In less than a week, she got the call and dragged me with her to see the bag in person.  Wow!  The colour is more spectacular in person than I had imagined.  I knew she needed me for moral support (obsessing over the bag vs. guilt of the purchase), but I was barely able to contain the excitement myself.

"No pressure, because after all, you'll be paying and using it.  But I would get it without hesitation!  I know'll regret it!!!" is exactly what I said.

So if you've been longing a Celine piece (they also just received Nano Luggage, Trio Pouch, Small & Medium Box, and much much more), call them now!!!

Cahier d'Exercices
369 Saint-Paul O.
Old Montreal, QC

ps. I'll try to get some pics of her new Celine Phantom Luggage this weekend to capture the beautiful colour in daylight.  It's really stunning!!!

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