Monday, September 12, 2011

Treasure Box

So here's my very humble collection of fun earrings (fun as in under $300 and do not require to be sitting in my safe).  When shopping for jewelry, earrings are usually the first thing I look at.  With my long hair, I use to buy mostly hoops and dangling earrings.  I also felt that in order to enhance and brighten up my face, one needs to at least see them!

But ever since being a mommy (and being plain older...), I've started collecting stud earrings.  That's also when I decided it's time for me to get my two pairs of "CC" Chanels, which I have never considered in the past despite my love for Chanel.  I also have a facination with stars and mesh earrings, which includes my Tiffany's and Kenneth Jay Lane's.

Most of these were purchased by myself but some were also gifted by girlfriends (btw, I love those gifts!!! Keep them coming!).  I like to leave fine jewelry (18K gold and diamonds) to my hubby...that's just the way I have been taught by my own mommy!  Hey, I mean how else did the late Elizabeth Taylor end up with such a fabulous collection???

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  1. Do you want to make me jealous? I love the golden ones with the little chains :)