Sunday, September 4, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - No White After Labor Day

Whoever said "no white after labor day" was definitely not me.  Personally, I wear white year-round.  It's actually my favorite neutral colour; the only reason I'm mostly in black and grey is because I'm kind of clumpsy...but that's a different story...

Anyways, this weekend's weather has been on both extreems: thunder shower in the morning, hot & humid in the afternoon...I'm not quite sure how to dress other than lots of layers to peel off as it gets warmer.

Enjoy the rest of the long-weekend!

Blazer - Zara; Shirt - H&M; Tank - Space FB; Yoga shorts - Lululemon; Purse - Hermes; Ankle boots - Acne; Ring - Dominic Jones


  1. I love this entire outfit! Just read your interview over at Feather Factor and decided to head over here and check your blog out :) I'm a bit scared to wonder how old you are because I don't want my self esteem to take a beating hahah, you look so young!


    PS. Love your blog and now following :)

  2. i will still wear white after Labor Day.

  3. Hi Cindy, thanks for following! I just read the interview too! Catherine is so amazing and smart with the interview concept and even the questions she asked!

    BTW, if you continue to read my older posts, you will find out my age...

  4. did you purchase that zara blazer recently? its perfection.. and you wear it so well :)

  5. Just found your blog via Feather Factor and I love it! That jacket is phenom!

  6. Carolc, I got this blazer last year while pregnant so I couldn't even try it on nor did I know if I was ever going fit in it! Zara might still have similar styles this fall...I think I saw a longer version in blk.