Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hair Envy

I want her hair please!  Ever since my pregnancy, I haven't dyed, bleach, permed or any other kind of chemical process in my hair.  Now, almost 2 years and many trims later, my hair is at its virgin state.  However, it lacks a little something...I can't pinpoint it out...

Maybe I need more texture and layers; maybe I need some highlights.  It just feels boring...or maybe I'm just bored of them!  In any cases, I want her hair!  Full of shine, full of bounce and full of waves.

ps.  Feel free to give suggestions


  1. she's got amazing cheekbones as well !!

  2. I love your hair actually! By the way I am from Mtl also and looking for a good hairstylist. Can you refer me to a good one?