Sunday, September 18, 2011

SHOPPING - Underneath my skin

In search of the perfect transition coat, I realized that I will need to do some improvisation as it is sometimes required.  The perfect removable shearling leather jacket only exist in my head.  But in real life (or in Montreal), it is not an easy find within my budget.

So, I got this beautiful butter soft (hence paper-thin) leather jacket with knit insert at sleeve and a shawl drape collar: edgy fit & great for chilly late summer nights like this week's.  But in Quebec, temperature drops fast!  Next week, we might see some single digit degree celsius and my less than warm leather jacket will be useless.  In other words, I might not get my $100/wear theory on this purchase.

I was therefore searching over the weekend for a thin faux shearling vest to wear underneath it to create a "Rick Owen" look with giant fold-over collar (and hopefully without the price tag) while extending the wearability of my newly acquired jacket.  And where do I find it for under $40?  At no other than my trusted local Winner's!  Other than saving some serious $$$ ('cause I really need to extend every dollar for this fall - everything is so nice!!!), I'm actually getting 4 different looks!

Look #1 - Leather jacket alone
Look #2 - Faux shearling vest alone (with maxi dress, printed blouse, long sleeve T, whatever...)
Look #3 - Faux shearling vest under leather jacket (my favourite!)
Look #4 - Faux shearling vest with "fur" side over leather jacket

Leather jacket by V. SP
Faux shearling vest by Jessica Simpson

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