Friday, September 23, 2011


Last night, my friend invited me to an art book launch at Nuda salon.  My first question was "are there food and drinks?".  Oh yeah, the girl has her priorities right!

We got there fashionably late and it was already a little crowded.  And of course, me and my friend were the only ones hogging the waitress with a platter of sushi!!!  Haha...why waste good food when everyone else is busy mingling?  I know, I should be doing some PR instead of stuffing my face.  Anyways, the highlight of the night was a bathtub full of oysters, sponsored by LeMeac restaurant, on their outdoor patio!  Naturally, I decided to stay there for the rest of the evening...

But all didn't come without a price: I got bitten by mosquitos all over my legs!  Ouch!  Right through my opaque tights!!  Guess I won't be showing my legs anytime soon.

Shirtdress (worn as top) - Club Monaco; Leather shorts - Tweny8Twelve; Purse - Hermes; Booties - Modern Vintage; Necklace - Hermes; Studded cuff - Hermes; Crystal bracelet - BCBG; Wrap bracelet - Club Monaco; Beaded bracelet - Chinatown; Ring - Dominic Jones


  1. I love your style!
    Kiss from Poland!:)

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  2. i love your outfit dear. very pretty.. :)

  3. I love those leather shorts! I've been looking for a pair for myself for a while now...and I haven't found one to my liking - or out of my budget.

    I've played with idea of buying PU and making it myself, but PU just isn't as comfortable as actual leather...

    I could also just buy raw leather, but no clue where to find that in Montreal =(

    Knowing Club Monaco, I'll get good quality leather shorts for a decent (acceptable) price that won't break the bank. Thx!

    Cheers from a fellow Montreal blogger!


  4. Yaya, the leather shorts are from Twenty8Twelve (Sienna Miller's line) but they were not expensive either. Good luck in your search!

  5. Pretty! Still can't believe you are a mum already!!

  6. Looking gorgy everything that u wore...:))

  7. i LOVE the leather shorts! i need to get a pair now!