Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beauty Fix - Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss

Talk to any girl out there and they will tell you that cosmetics are hard to resist.  We are like a kid in a candy store!  I mean, looking at the new palette of colours each season is literally like looking a bowl of Skittles!  The people at the marketing department really know how to get to us...

Anyways, I don't own a lot of makeup simply because I refuse to get suckered in to buying all the new shades each season only to have them neatly stored in my makeup drawer.  I will replenish the basics (tinted moisturizer, concealer, loose powder, eyebrow set, eyeliner and mascara) as needed but limit myself to one or two shades in everything else (eyeshadow, blush and lip colour) each year.

And this is the time of the year where I'm itching for new lipgloss!  I usually buy MAC, but wanted to try something new and easier to apply.  Stila's Lip Enamels are both pigmented and on a brush wand!  Now, my only problem is choosing the colour...which was quickly solved because I bought all three of my favourite shades: Nirvana (a nude shade), Happiness (a light pink shade) and Giggle (a hot fuschia shade)! Don't you just love the names!!  Yeah, those marketing people...

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