Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CARINE ROITFELD - irreverent

In life, we all have icons and role models to look up.  Carine Roitfeld is my style icon and life role-model.  And next month, her much anticipated biography, filled with personal notes, shocking editorials and family photos, will be released!

For those who are not familiar with the former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris, she, along with her "Dream Team", was responsible to creating some of the most beautiful, provocative and daring editorials/articles in the fashion industry.  With so much controversial themes and partial nudity in the pages of Vogue Paris, I sometimes even wonder if she's trying on purpose to intimidate the readers!  And maybe that's why I love her! 

I also love that she puts her family above anything else!  The fashion industry is fast-paced and not very forgiving, so the fact that she can balance it all is truely amazing and inspiring.

source: NY Mag


  1. These pictures are just gorgeous. I love that you made such a nice compilation. It's a good way to get a feel for the photography.
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