Friday, September 2, 2011

What's in my purse?

I have always wondered why women are so curious about what other women put in their purse?  It is because we want to know how much can one fit in a purse or the actual content of it?

In any cases, here's what's inside my purse:

- Blackberry cellphone
- Keys
- Prada Zip-around wallet
- Club Monaco coin purse
- Celine Sunglasses
- Kiehl's lipbalm
- Goody hair clip

My Hermes Constance bag has been hanging out with me for the past weeks.  Although I didn't use it as much last winter when I first got it, it's really taking a beating this summer with obvious scratches on the buckle and leather.  But I don't mind it at all, in fact, I love the patine!

As you can see, even with its size and hard structure, I can pretty much fit all my essentials!  To tell you the truth, even with my oversize bags, I never carry more with me and end up scrambling at the bottom of the purse to find my keys or cellphone!  And the shoulder strap really makes it sooo convenient, especially when I need to carry my son and his backpack to daycare (did I mention that Ayden started daycare this week?).


  1. I like seeing what other people carry in their purses because it gives me ideas of what else I should bring/what I can stand to remove from my own. Plus, you know, basic curiosity! :)

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Can I know your specs for your Constance?

  3. Kaylyn, my constance is a 23cm Havane w/ silver hardware

  4. YOu know, I've wondered the same thing about these posts - why? At the same time, I always find myself oddly fascinated...