Thursday, September 8, 2011


(Clarisonic Mia)


Let me start off my saying that I'm fairly a risk-taker when it comes to fashion, meaning that even if it's a new trend that might not suit me (or that I don't think will suit my bodyshape/lifestyle/etc), I will at least take the time to try it.  This goes back to my early twenties, when I use to play a game with my friend where we would each grab outfits at a store for the other to try that would otherwise never be attempted by ourselves.  It was so much fun and in most cases, I was astonished by how nice some of the looks turn out to be on me!!!  (yes, my university campus was downtown and we had time to kill between classes)

However, when it goes to beauty, especially beauty gadgets, I'm a lagger.  With so many zit zappers, automatic cleansing brushes and makeup airbrush kits out there, it feels almost like "Am I buying another kitchen device that's completely redundant and never going to be used?".  So after much consideration and friends' recommendation, I am now the proud owner of DermaNew and Clarisonic Mia

I first got the DermaNew's Facial Rejuvination System after watching a youtube video from makeup artist Kandee Johnson about a year ago.  She promised an easy to use at-home dermabrasion kit that will reduce fine lines & pore size, renew and refine skin and enhance your skin's natural glow. 

The kit comes with a dual action tool, two teardrop foam applicator, one cleansing applicator, sensitive skin microdermabrasion cream and a stand.  Pretty good for only $70 US!  I immediately put it to use after receiving it by mail and wow!  My skin is definitely smoother, refreshed and more radiant after a single use!  I have then been using it on a weekly basis as part of my at-home mini facial.

Now, a year later, I was itching to get the Clarisonic Mia because two of my best friends swears by it!!!  Having already a similar tool at home, is it really necessary to get this one too?  What's the difference anyways?  First, at $149 US, it more than double the price!  And I thought sonic technology was for toothbrush!

Well, I thought it was a small price to pay (considering how expensive creams and serums are nowadays) if it can really help improve my skin.  And I'm so glad I did!!!  I can really feel that all the dirt and makeup from my face completely removed after using this brush.  The 300 movements per second brush feels actually like a daily face massage.  The Mia kit is travel friendly, which mean I can use it in Asia and not worry about a converter.  The only downside is the trial size cleanser it came with, but it's not a big deal since it can be easily replace with your own cleanser.

Verdict: If you can afford it, get both!  They really serve for different purposes and well worth the money.  The only advice I would give is not to forget to clean the brush/applicator throughly after each use to avoid bacteria formation and replace them periodically.

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