Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MAIN EVENT - Pintxo for 2

Last night, we had dinner at Pintxo, my favourite Spanish restaurant in Montreal, to celebrate our anniversary.  It's been almost 3 years since we were last there and the food is still as good!  I love it when a restaurant is consistent (a rare quality we don't find very often)!  So while waiting for our table, I got hubby to take a picture of me at the entrance.  And guess what?  I even convinced him to take an "Outfit du Jour" shot!!!  Haha...I really didn't think he would go for that!

We ordered 10 pintxos (tapa size entrees) and a private import red wine called 50/50 to start.  Well, let me tell you something about this 50/50: there's nothing half way about it.  Full body and full flavour...so good, we asked if we can buy by the dozen!

Almost half way into our bottle and starved to death (why does this always happen to me?  I need to remind myself to have pre-dinner snack at home so I can act more lady-like when we go out), we finally got our food!  And before we knew it, we've been eating for 3 hours!!!  But no worries, there's still room for a chocolate fondant to share as dessert!

Pintxo Restaurant
256 Roy St East
Montreal, QC


  1. Happy anniversary! Good job at convincing hubby to post lol :)

  2. haha...he even stole my pose!!! LOL

  3. Happy Anniversary too. Love ur food pics, lookin at them makes me more hungry....very appetizing.

    Enjoy ur day and have fun...^_^

  4. Happy Anniversary! You and your husband are so good looking - both like models!! LOL@ stealing your pose!

    xo, sam

  5. Aw happy anniversary you such a wonderful couple!

  6. congrats!!