Friday, September 9, 2011

SHOPPING - Starfish Cuff

- "Knoc, Knoc"
- "Who's there?"
- "It's a parcel for Miss Janet"
- "Oh...yes yes!  I completely forgot about you!"

I just received my starfish cuff by mail today and am soooo excited!!!  I completely forgot that I bought it on ebay almost 3 weeks ago (yes, that's how long it sometimes takes for shipping from USA to Canada).  Even though summer days are counting, I'll be enjoying it in sun or snow (preferably in sun).  And yes, I did only pay $24 + shipping for that!!!

Starfish cuff - Ebay; Clic Clac bracelet - Hermes; Channel-set bangle - Swarovski; Set of 6 gold bangles - Aldo Accessories


  1. That's SO cute! Which Ebay seller is that from?
    ...and I know, shipping sucks to Canada - not just USA to Canada..but worldwide to Canada.

    I hate to rant, but if they can ship to the USA, you would think they could ship to their northern neighbors too no?

    =) Anyways, lovely purchase, and at SUCH a great price!


  2. This is stunning! How high up can you wear it before it starts getting uncomfortable? I've been searching for an arm cuff that goes around the bicep, but have yet to come across something that doesn't make me look like a sausage stuffed in to its casing!

  3. How lovely! I love starfishes and this is adorable on your wrist.

  4. Yaya, the seller is "elis_bagsandmore". Not sure if she has more but I would try to contact her directly.

    xJOLE, it definitely won't go up my bicep unless if I bend it bigger. And it would probably end up making my arms look like sausage!!

  5. Love all of your bracelets!! The starfish cuff is just beautiful and the H Herme's bangle is gorgeous in orange color! very stunning.:)

    Now that I saw your post I'm longing for my Balenciaga bracelet to be delivered too!! Just got excited more like you! Enjoying your blog.Regards!:)

  6. Yay! I love your bracelet collection. : ) I've been looking for a starfish cuff for a while and have tried Etsy and such. The higher end ones are so expensive, but yours seems just perfect! I'm gonna check it out : )

  7. Haha! Good choice! I almost picked this up (went over another one) when I have in SOHO NYC. The stall vendor in SOHO (across from CHANEL SOHO) carries this starfish cuff in 2 different colors: gold & silver!