Saturday, January 21, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Wrinkled Skin

Nothing glamorous happening today...just more errands and grocery shopping!  I got lazy and decided to throw on a beanie instead of washing my hair and looking away from the camera instead of putting on some makeup.

I was going to walk out with just a leather jacket, but a forecast of rain-turn-snow, so I decided to throw my shearling hooded vest.  And also to break the matching distressed leather on my moto jacket and my Pandora bag...oh yeah, I receive this side sling/carry Givenchy for Christmas (almost forgot to share with you).

Shearling vest - D&G; Leather jacket - Zara; Shirt - H&M; Suspender kakis - Zara; Bag - Givenchy; Shearling clogs - Hunter; Beanie - Club Monaco; Brooch - Chanel; Scarf - Alexander McQueen