Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Golden Beauty

(Charlize Theron)

(Emma Stone)

(Nicole Richie)

(Jessica Alba)

(Dianna Agron)

I still cannot get enough of how beautiful and glowing Charlize Theron was at the Golden Globe.  And although I usually find crystal headband too tacky, it just works on her.

Emma Stone's fierce red hair and charcoal rimmed eyes is probably my favourite look...I mean I would love to be a redhead and smoky rimmed eyes & pale lips is my go-to glam makeup...only I don't have green eyes cat eyes like Emma...

The best hair, in my opinion, goes to Nicole Richie.  I love evening ponytails, and her twist on a high pony with bangs is both modern and stylish.

And without saying, Jessica Alba and Dianna Agron are just classic beauties...probably even without makeup and hair done!

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